"Wise One, The Power of Wisdom”

Let us take a deep breath and declare,
“This breath is good.”
As I pause and think about my glorious breath,
I feel the wonder and glory of this earthly experience.
I know there is more to this creation than meets my naked eye.
So I soften my vision to see more glory.
For today, let’s remember the significance of our life.
We have touched many people along the way.
We see our life as the gift it is.
As we open ourselves up to more glory and more wonderment,
we remember to give thanks and praise.
We know everything is holy now.
And so it is!
And so we celebrate!
Sunday message – “Wise One, The Power of Wisdom”
What would we really do if we knew we had all the wisdom of the divine within us to create a world of our imagining? We do. Ours is to tap into the evaluating and discernment process within us from the divine place of us. “When we awaken to the reality of our being, the light begins to break upon us from within and we know the truth...we know with an inner intuition and we live from a new viewpoint.” (C. Fillmore)
Let us affirm together: Today I pause and touch the divine place within me that holds right judgment. I evaluate, discern and appraise my actions, thoughts, and beliefs from my inward Spirit of the One.            
“Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.”(John 7:24)

Today We Grow in God and Grow in Love Daily.
Our Just Rewards for living divinely are Royal Inner Peace, Profound Agape Love, and Abounding Joy. We shine our lights so others may realize their own light and together we illumine the world.    

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Ann Frances