Weekly Responsive Reading for our Meditation Time

The Twelve Powers Responsive Reading
January 13, 2021
Faith: I have unshakable faith in God’s Goodness operating in my life.
Strength: I am an inexhaustible tower of strength and stability within and throughout at all times.
Wisdom: I am wise beyond Knowledge. I choose wisely from the Wisdom of God within me.
Love: I am the Love of God in Expression. Divine Love expresses through all that I think, say and do.
Power: Speaking words of truth - I am an out picturing of the Divine. I assume dominion over my words, actions and world.
Imagination: I use my imagination. I see the Beautiful, the True and the Good.
Understanding: I know Truth – there is only One Presence and One Power and Activity of Absolute Good in the universe and in my life – God the Good Omnipotence.
Will: I step forward in “right action” and clarity to do all that is mine to do.
Order: Through the Christ in Me, divine order is now established in every area of my life now!
Zeal: I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty faith to do the things that ought to be done by me.
Renunciation: I am cleansed and purified as I release that which no longer serves my true nature. I am free to experience divine activity in all I do.
Life: Life, Life, Life! I am filled with invigorating life!!!