Viewpoint, it is yours!

God Day Everyone,       

Wow! We had an enlivened, enthusiastic day Sunday. I witnessed several people bebopping to the music. It was a wonderful day. We realigned once again with the present moment as we realized at a greater degree that we really do not want to be kept in the same mold as we were prior to this day. We are forever changing, and we are okay with this. We have made the choice to release the longing of yesterday. The Bible shares the story of how Lot’s wife turned into a ‘pillar of salt’ as she looked longingly to the past. We take our memories of the good with us and release anything we don’t choose to take along the journey. We release longing for days gone by. We are excited for the new day is dawning each and every day. We look to see ‘perfect’ moments and days. A day in which we wouldn’t change a thing. We acknowledge them and then those moments grow in our consciousness and we experience more ‘perfect’ moments.   

Join us this Sunday, as we understand that we all have a ‘Viewpoint, it is yours.” We all have different lens that we look through to view our world. Each one is unique to us influenced by our surroundings, our upbringing, the peeps we hang with, etc. Richard Rohr shared “Every view is a point from a view.” Our biggest responsibility is to notice the view and then to understand where we get this view. Once we have the viewpoint we can then question whether it truly is the view we wish to hold towards someone or something. Ironically, some of the beliefs and ideas that I had such convictions about in the past have transcended, thus elevating in my consciousness into a greater understanding of Divine Life and Divine Love, God.  I now have a different, fresher point of view. When we raise our consciousness to a growing view of Christ Consciousness, we see from the vantage point of pure goodness and personal responsibility. Come Sunday and let’s delve into our points of view.   

“Set your mind on the above, not on the things that are on the earth.” Colossians 3:2

“The one who comes from above is above all; the one who is of the earth is from the earth belongs to the earth and speaks as one from of the earth. The one who comes from the heaven is above all.”  John 3:31

Affirm with me:  I look out at the world and everyone in it from the vantage point of God. I see goodness everywhere.     

Join us this Sunday as We Grow in God and Grow in Love. And our Just Rewards are Inner Peace and Abounding Joy.  I look forward to seeing YOU and growing with YOU in Christ Love. Today we agree to be the best Christ we know to be, ever growing in Its Expression.                                              

Sunday service begins at 11am. Children’s church begins at 11am. Three classrooms are available with open arms to welcome your children: nursery, 4-9, 10-13. Twenty-minute Guided Silent Mediation begins at 10:15am in the Chapel.