"The Transformation has Begun"

Happy Thursday!
Let us breathe into this moment,
Feeling the ever-present Power and the Presence of God.
We live from this is our divine place.
Each idea and every thought we are generating from the Divine Presence
is manifesting vast goodness into our lives.
We step into this Truth,
acknowledging the Oneness of God.
We are transforming and growing.
And we sing songs of praise and gratitude.        
And so it is! And so we let it be!
Sunday message – “The Transformation Has Begun”
Our journey is continuing. We have been on a committed journey from Advent to Christmas, to Lent, Lent to Easter, and now Easter to Pentecost. Transformation is taking place. The Transformation has begun. We are no longer at the starting gate with the gate just opening. We are actively moving forward in our expanding Christ nature. It is exciting to see how our path is revealing itself. Christ in us is our hope of glory. We are no longer waiting for a time in the future for this to happen. It is happening right now. We acknowledge and sing “Something wonderful, something wonderful is happening to me right here right now.” We know the truth of this. “We can feel it in our bodies, we can feel it in our hearts, we can feel it in our souls. And it won’t let go.” The time has come to embrace the changes that are occurring, feel it, and claim it good.         The Transformation has Begun.   
Let us affirm together: I feel the transformation that is taking place within me. I pause to feel this transformation in Christ. The excitement of it is igniting my joy.  
“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” (2 Corinthians 5:17)
Today and Always, We, the people are the church. We Grow in God and Grow in Love Daily. Our Just Rewards for living God are Royal Inner Peace, Profound Agape Love, and Abounding Joy. Together we grow and glow in Christ. We are the best expression of Christ and we welcome its ever-growing Expression.  
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Ann Frances