"The Spirit of the Law"

Bless this ongoing life cycle
as we say good-bye to April 
and welcome in the new month of May. 
Life is a continual movement and invokes constant change. 
We bless this month as it is leaving,  
knowing we triumphed on Easter, 
as we rose to new heights of understanding in Christ,
we invoked a deeper sense of LOVE.
We bless this month that we are coming upon
as we open to the gifts of the new expression flowing forward.
We are witnessing the growth of the flowers planted.  
We smile and shine our light into each present day moment. 
It is a beautiful day in our neighborhood.
And so it is! And so we let it be!

Sunday message – “The Spirit of the Law”
We can talk about God, read about God or we can experience God. It is all about accepting the divine laws into your being with feeling. We must feel it as us then act upon that feeling with joy and excitement, peace and calm. An intellectual understanding about the gifts of Spirit is the first step and yet at this level nothing really changes in our lives. We can read books and listen to sermons and messages about the Power and the Presence of God and all the glorious ways our lives can be moved and changed for the better. We can listen to other’s experiences and yet none of this will give any credence to our lives being altered or changed for the better. It is when we moved to and with the Spirit of the Law, the experience of Truth within us and feel it at the depth of us, that our worlds begin to change and we see the out-picturing of God, Vast Goodness in all that we do. The change begins within us in our faith in the feeling then the feeling becomes real and leads to the outward manifestation of Divine Law. Together we embrace “The Spirit of the Law.”    

Let us affirm together: I understand deep within me the depth of the Spirit of the Law. My life is changed by feeling the movement of God within me.      

“We serve in the new way of Spirit and not in the old way of the written code.” (Romans 7:6)

Today and Always, We, the people are the church. We Grow in God and Grow in Love Daily.
Our Just Rewards for living God are Royal Inner Peace, Profound Agape Love, and Abounding Joy. Together we grow and glow in Christ. We are the best expression of Christ and we welcome its ever-growing Expression.  

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Ann Frances