Patience and Persistence


God day everyone,
Last Sunday we began to prepare for our Lenten journey. We opened ourselves up to fasting from thoughts, words and actions that limit our experience and our expression of the Divine. And we began to feast on the out-picturing of the abundant flow of God appearing in all avenues of our lives. Yesterday marked the beginning of Lenten with Ash Wednesday. Borrowing the denial from the Unity Fasting and Feasting Lenten Booklet “I fast from doubt.”And today’s affirmation “I feast on faith.” Faith in the Power and Presence of God to be realized within my consciousness as the movement and energy sustaining me and thriving me. We fast from getting caught up in the drama of life and we feast on the calm Presence of the Divine Flow. We see ourselves moving throughout this Lenten season with a renewed and expanded awareness of the One True Power, One True Presence. We look to the hills and beyond, above human conditions, past appearances, as see the magnificence of the works of Pure Goodness.
Join us this Sunday, as we look at “Patience and Persistence. When I think of Patience the song “Waiting on the Lord” comes to my mind. When a need of a way forward is utmost, the most important thing we can do is turn inward and Wait upon the Lord, Our I Am Presence to show us the way. It never fails. Yet at times, it doesn’t come as quickly as we would like, so patience is required. Patience is required when we begin and travel a path to reveal our own inner Christ Light to ourselves. Patience may be required when we want change in our lives. All systems have to be a ‘go’ for sound, uplifting evolution to take place. It requires our patience and yet it also requires our persistence. Our willingness to stay the course and keep returning to our inner guidance even when the signs of manifestations aren’t appearing, to validate that we are on a sound right track. Patience and Persistence.       

“Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which god has promised to those who love him.” James 1:122

Affirm with me: Today I fast from thoughts of separation and feast on the knowing that God, Pure Goodness, the True Source and Substance of all, is at work in my life and guiding it forward, to realize heaven on earth.      

Join us this Sunday as We Grow in God and Grow in Love. And our Just Rewards are Inner Peace and Abounding Joy.  I look forward to seeing YOU and growing with YOU in Christ Love. Today we agree to be the best Christ we know to be, ever growing in Its Expression.                 
Sunday service begins at 11am. Children’s church begins at 11am. Three classrooms are available with open arms to welcome your children: nursery, 4-9, 10-13. Twenty-minute Guided Silent Mediation begins at 10:15am in the Chapel.