"Oneness, Love, Compassion and Acceptance."

God Day Everyone,

     May the Peace that Passes Understanding reign in your soul today. Let us hold in our hearts all the victims of the shooting at the Municipal Building last Friday.  We expand our heart space to include all the workers in the building, and all the families and friends affected by this tragic event. Let us expand it to all in the Virginia Beach area as this touched us to our core. We wish times were different. We wish before anyone would pick up a gun in this manner that they would seek help. We continue to expand our circle to the man who picked up those guns and also to his family. We know the Christ Lives in each one of us. We hold to our belief that this world is growing into a greater awareness of Christ Love, God Love and Universal Love. We willingly expand this awareness to heal any area within ourselves and our lives which does not flow out of Divine Presence.
     Last week we talked about looking at and healing our unhealed wounds. Any grief we are presently experiencing in our body, mind and emotions can rip the scab off of any unhealed grief. Healing the world begins with healing ourselves. We touched on the four levels of consciousness: Victim, Victor, Channel and Being. Let us be willingly channels of God’s Goodness out-picturing in the world. This takes us closer to realizing our true I Am Presence. This Presence moves us to walk and operate as Jesus did as pure Being. 
     This Sunday we will look closer into the Church of Jesus. Jesus was not about the business of building a church out of brick and mortar but, more so, the growing consciousness of Oneness, Love, Compassion and Acceptance. He healed the wounded and ate with the unwanted. This Christ consciousness requires some work on our part. Where are we? Where do we want to go? What do we need to release? How may we forgive? We will finish our message with thoughts and ideas about the Church of Christ.   
Looking forward to seeing you and sharing our spiritual time together. Our service begins Sunday at 11:00 am. The Chapel is open at 10:00 am for silent mediation. Please feel free to come early and get quiet and realize your God. The Light of God has been lit brighter today with the new lighting in the Chapel.

In God Is ALL!