"Jesus the Man; Jesus the Christ"

God Day EveryOne!!!!

What a grand glorious day this is! Happy Fourth of July to each of You!!! Independence Day, “What does that mean for you?” I have my version of Independence and today I invite you to a greater understanding of your definition of Independence. I wish to be “in the world and not of the world.” A dove and an olive branch come to mind. Regardless of the outer world, I choose to be an instrument of peace, an avenue of love.

Last week we talked about the door to fear. When we open the door ever so slightly, in our mind and in our life, this creates a flood gate to fear expanding in every area of our life. We embraced the possibility, the probability, of this same effect happening with Trust. We can open the door to Trust in God Power and Presence and a flood gate of Trust permeates every cell of our being, every avenue of our lives. It can’t not happen. So, we Trust without any evidence of Pure Goodness and we Trust when Pure Goodness is flowing in all avenues of our lives. WE Trust!!!

This Sunday we are going to look at Jesus the man and Jesus the Christ! We will look at the man who walked this earth. He demonstrated his Christ Essence. He became One with God. We look to his example for us to live consciously as Christ. Early Christianity created a lot of beliefs and dogma. Let’s decipher between the two. As beautiful, intelligent, brave, passionate, powerful expressions of God, We step into our greatness.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday at 11am. Let’s celebrate our time together in fellowship and Love. The Chapel is open at 10am for Silent Mediation. Children’s church begins at 11am. Bring your family; bring your friends. All are welcome!