“To the Fullest Extent.”

God Day Everyone!

Last week we established that God is what we want. So often we think that God has what we want.  It takes practice to feel the Power and Presence of God within us, moving through us and waking as us. We release the need for a limited, human-like God and we open ourselves up to experience God as Spirit, the Holiest of Spirit. We can feel the movement of God as guidance, love, wisdom, strength and perseverance. We know we have the power of God moving throughout us as it pulses our heart with divine energy. We agree to connect with it often, daily, moment to moment. And our experience of God changes us. And we walk more Christ-like.

This Sunday we will explore the “Fullest Extent’ of the Christ We Are. We will open ourselves up to realize the gifts of Jesus’ teachings and embrace being what we are to the “Fullest Extent.” Our unfoldment of a happy and abundant life depends on being exactly what we are as Christ “To the Fullest Extent.” This Sunday’s message is “To the Fullest Extent.” As I grow daily in understanding of my Christ walk and move about with the Spirit of God upon me, I executive an outward experience of God in all avenues of my life. Sometimes our greatest challenges bring about the biggest leap forward. Our church has gone through many changes and it shows in the love and fellowship of our church community. WE grow together in Christ.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday and sharing our time together. WE all create Unity Church of Tidewater together. Service begins at 11:00am along with Children’s Church. WE have room for you in our hearts and in our church. The Chapel is open at 10:00am for Silent Mediation. This Sunday stay afterward and share a meal with us. Bring a dish or come as you are. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Blessings warm and overflowing,

Ann Frances
Senior Minister