"Fathers in the Bible"

God Day Everyone,

What a gift it is to have Jesus’ message and teachings as our guideline to live a Christ-expressed life. Despite opposition, he walked his talk. He showed up as love and with forgiveness, in acceptance and gifting compassion. We find ourselves faced with the same choices. At a time in our world where our safety is challenged, we can choose to live fear, or we can choose to live love. It is not always easy, as I hear the stories of the people who were in the Municipal Building. We go back to Jesus’s teachings and we know that how we show up, matters. Let us be the Light of Christ today and always, knowing that we will be guided from within on what is ours to do. The more love we give, the more love will be given unto us. (taken from Mark 4:25, Matthew 13:12) WE don’t do this for the reward, yet the reward will be given to us. It is an exact science, as we sow Christ consciousness in our lives, we reap Christ consciousness. It is how it works. And it brings such peace to me just knowing this. My only responsibility today is to be the best Christ I know to be.

Happy Father’s Day to all who stepped forward and fathered children in this world. We thank you and appreciate you. You made a difference to a child or many children which makes a difference in their lives which makes a difference in the world.

This Sunday we will look at Fathers in the Bible. We have many examples from the past where a strong loving Father’s present made a difference in the upbringing and development of children. I can hardly wait to see the unfoldment of the gifts of this Sunday.

Please join us for our 11am service. Jesus said when two or more are gathered a mighty current of Pure GOoDness is created. Let’s create together from our Christ consciousness as Jesus exemplified. The Christ I Am beholds the Christ You Are; and, We work Together for the Glory of God. I look forward to seeing you and creating more God together.