"Living in Zeal and Zest for Living"

 Let us breathe in and feel the breath of life within us.
 This life force is the Life of God,
That moves through us, in us and as us.
This Life force is everywhere present and permeates all things.
Think of the mighty oak tree, this oak tree expresses the Life of God as a tree.
We determine to the level we live from this Life Force.
Today let us commit to living from God, Pure Goodness, Divine Presence
Let us see this Life Force, God expressing as our own life force.
We decide. Let us decide today…
And so it is!
Sunday message – “Living in Zeal and Zest for Living”
Zeal is the inward fire of the soul that urges us forward from the inside out. This fire in the pit of our belly or the fire in our soul is our movement to make things better and create bigger and want more Life, want more God expressed. Zest for Living - Zeal in Living. Can we invite our enthusiasm, our intensity to shine in the right areas of our life so as to realize more abundant living in God?
Join us this Sunday at 11 as we delve into our inner zeal to Go Forward.
Let us affirm together: I stop my day long enough to feel the zest, enthusiasm, and zeal within me. I allow it to expand and move throughout me. In this moment, it renews my zest for living. I give thanks and praise for excitement I feel for Life itself.
“The zeal of your house has consumed me up.” (Psalm 69:9)

Today We Grow in God and Grow in Love Daily.                                                              
Our Just Rewards for living divinely are
Royal Inner Peace, Profound Agape Love, and Abounding Joy.
We shine our lights so others may realize their own light and together we illumine the world.  
Join us Sunday at 11am
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Ann Frances