Let us bring a smile into our life.
First, feel the upturn of the lips.
A smile begins to form.
Our faces relax
Feelings of happiness ignite from within.
We give thanks as we feel the uplift.
Serotonin and dopamine release from within.
A God glorious event!
Our entire body begins to respond.
The influx of the happiness spread throughout our body,
We smile
Into our heart,
Into our liver,
Into our brain.
Our whole body feels the effect of this smile,
the happiness connection.
And we give thanks
As we breath into the smile even more.
God is amazing and so am I.
And so it is!
Sunday message – “Life”
When I think of the word, “Life” it moves far beyond this body in which I am living my life. I have touched at some level the life force that lives this life within this body. I know it is far greater than even this. Yet this Life is much greater than I understood and experienced prior to now.
Life is divine, spiritual and its source is God/Spirit. When I stop an acknowledge and give space to the abundant, omnipresent eternal Spirit of Life which lives within me and lives me. I am in a state of awe, which of course gives me more life. I acknowledge that I am One with this Life Force. I choose to express this omnipresent life. This Omnipresent Life is the energy that propels me and all forms to action. Today we give thanks for this life force within us and all around us. We breath into this life force and feel gratitude in and for all things.
Join us this Sunday at 11am as we grow in our expression of “LIFE.”
Let us affirm together:
I pause my day to give attention to the Divine Life behind this life and this body I am living. I feel immense love and gratitude for the glory of God all around me.
“Then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his breath of life and the man become a living being.” (Genesis 2:7)

Today We Grow in God and Grow in Love Daily.                                                           
Our Just Rewards for living divinely are Royal Inner Peace, Profound Agape Love, and Abounding Joy.
We shine our lights so others may realize their own light and together we illumine the world.

Our doors are always open to you, in person or virtually,

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Ann Frances