I Am the Vine

God Day Everyone,  

I invite you to ponder this for a moment —
If a microscopic virus can do this much damage,
imagine what a MUSTARD-SIZE SEED OF FAITH can do to stop it.
Let’s stop and look inward and notice the level of faith that we have within us to accomplish this feat. Is it as big as a mustard seed? the size of a small crack in sidewalk? Bigger?
“Faith is the perceiving power of your mind linked to the power to shape substance. It is spiritual assurance, the power to do the seemingly impossible.” Charles Fillmore
In this moment, let’s expand our level of faith. As we place our attention on it, we feel the power of our faith growing, growing past any fear we may have picked up along the way.
We begin now.
We declare - Our faith is unshakeable faith. Our faith is of the magnitude that this virus experience is being turned around now, decreasing in numbers and being eradicated now.
We have created this image in our mind. We know it is so. We see signs all around us telling us it is so.

Faith is believing what we do not see until we see what we believe.
WE Are Powerful Manifestors.

Affirm with me: My unshakeable faith sees this situation decreasing daily. We give thanks for the knowing that our God is bigger than this virus.
And so, it is! And so, we let it be! Amen!                                                                                                    
Welcome to Palm Sunday. Thank you to all who are joining us virtually and prayerfully. We, the people, are the church. I am sending each of you a virtual hug. Love, blessings, and perseverance to all as we go through this together. Our church building is again closed this Sunday. You can join in on Facebook Live this Sunday, at 11 am. or through our website after the service.  Thank you for sticking with us as we iron out some technical bleeps.

This Sunday, We embrace “I Am the Vine.”  Join us as we understand at a greater level what Jesus meant when he said, ‘I Am the vine and you are the branches’. This statement proclaims that we are from the same tree of life and that life comes from God which is the Source and Substance of all. This can give us great peace to know that we can never be away from the nourishment that healthy soil brings a tree. Each of us has been pruned along the way and we are bearing more and better fruit. How glorious is that! We are works in progress, yet we can see from whence we came, and we can give thanks for a job well done. Let’s align ourselves even more sturdily in the Power and Presence of God

Affirm with me: Today I fast separation. 
Today I feast on Oneness in Christ, Pure Love. 
For your Holy Week experience, we have created Walking Stations of the Universal Christ. The 16 Stations each have a unique concept and prayer and are located across 4+ acres of our land. It is an individual journey. Come at your leisure and create your own meditative experience.
Join us in the parking lot on Easter Sunday. We will offer the service on the lawn and broadcasted over the radio. What a grand glorious way to resurrect our indwelling Christ Presence.