Fasting and Feasting

God Day Everyone,  

Last Sunday we invited greater clarity on the origin of our points of view. We claim it ours and now we set about viewing it ourselves to see if it truly is the way in which we want to view people, events and situations and things. We choose to look at the things from the vantage point of Christ Consciousness. “On High!” The concept that Michelle Obama said, ‘When they go low, we go high’ is powerful to us individually when we apply it to our thoughts. When our thoughts go low, we raise them above this earthly stuff to the higher, greater view of Christ. All activity on the outside has its roots within us. We can see any situation as a problem or an opportunity. Let’s begin today by keeping our thoughts high above any negative thought patterns. Let’s see Christ consciousness in our mind so it out pictures in our lives.    

Join us this Sunday, we will look into fasting and feasting. This coming Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and begins our Lenten season. The season to prepare ourselves for a greater understanding and hopefully for a greater realization of our own individual Christ Self. Fasting and Feasting is the Lenten booklet that Unity World Headquarters created for this year. Fasting is a willing, refraining from doing or eating something. Feasting is defined as something that gives unusual or abundant enjoyment. When we fast from negativity, lack or limitations, we open an avenue within us to create something different. This Lenten season let’s fill the open avenue with abundant, enjoyable, powerful, loving thoughts to create our induvial worlds from. It will affect the world at-large. Join me on this Lenten journey of fasting from negativity and feasting on abundant thinking which then appears in our actions.     

“Is not this the fast that I have chosen? To loose the chaos of injustice, undo the cords of the yokes, to set the oppressed free and break the yoke.”  Isaiah 58:6

Affirm with me: today I fast from negative thoughts, words and actions and feast on the abundant life of God, Pure Goodness that is set before me.      

Join us this Sunday as We Grow in God and Grow in Love. And our Just Rewards are Inner Peace and Abounding Joy.  I look forward to seeing YOU and growing with YOU in Christ Love. Today we agree to be the best Christ we know to be, ever growing in Its Expression.                                              

Sunday service begins at 11am. Children’s church begins at 11am. Three classrooms are available with open arms to welcome your children: nursery, 4-9, 10-13. Twenty-minute Guided Silent Mediation begins at 10:15am in the Chapel.