Dwell in the Allness that we call God

God Day Everyone,  

Last Sunday Patience and Persistence got our attention. We know that we need both abilities to walk this path to greater enlightenment. It is our desire to see and know our inner Divine Presence. Patience is our ability to remain calm and centered as we continue along this journey of life. Persistence is our ability to stay the course regardless of outer appearances. It takes both. Without patience, we can get discouraged and become disappointed that our soul’s desires have not been realized. And without persistence, we can get distracted and go off course. The amazing thing is that when we are in Spirit, we have all the patience that we would ever need as it lies in our awareness of our One True Source which we call God. Persistence requires faith in what we are doing. So I ask, what do you have faith in?       

We are in our second week of Lenten season moving into a greater awareness of those things we need to fast from, that hold us back from our true Easter resurrection. And we are feasting more often on those thoughts, words, and actions that move us into a closer relationship with our Divine Presence Within. We feast on our Oneness with Divine Mind and we fast from feelings of separation. This Sunday we will open ourselves to a greater understanding of “Dwelling in the Allness which we call God.” Think for a moment, what does Allness signify to you? Allness, All that is, the Expansive Universe and beyond. The very thing that we are seeking is actually seeking us. When we create a thought within us that we are dwelling in God and allow it to germinate, it grows. It grows in thought and then it grows in our experiences. What would dwelling in the house of the Lord look like to you? I invite you to start creating a picture in your mind’s eye. Give this picture the room to take hold and expand. We are creating the dwelling place our minds live in. Let’s do it consciously and dwell in the Allness – God. Together we celebrate this journey to our own rising up.   

“Dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness. Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:3, 4

Affirm with me: Today I fast from dwelling in separation, negativity, and lack. I feast on my Oneness with the Allness of the Universe. I feast on living from my inner Christ Essence.       

Join us this Sunday as We Grow in God and Grow in Love. And our Just Rewards are Inner Peace and Abounding Joy.  I look forward to seeing YOU and growing with YOU in Christ Love. Today we agree to be the best Christ we know to be, ever-growing in Its Expression.                                              

Sunday service begins at 11 am. Children’s church begins at 11 am. Three classrooms are available with open arms to welcome your children: nursery, 4-9, 10-13. Twenty-minute Guided Silent Mediation begins at 10:15 am in the Chapel.