"The Canvas of Imagination"

We bless this day,
knowing that our good is flowing to us now.
We pause to feel the assuring presence of this vast goodness.
We allow ourselves to feel the divine splendor of it,
as we are drawn to its irresistible sweetness.
We allow this feeling to move throughout our minds, bodies, and souls.
We do nothing as there is nothing to do.
We accept and in that acceptance is
And we give thanks.  
And so it is!
Sunday message – “The Canvas of Imagination”
Our minds hold the blank canvases upon which we create our life experiences. We have power, the Power of Imagination. Our Imagination holds the artistic impressions that we can use to paint our personal canvas. The Power of Imagination give us are ability to shape and form thought. With our minds we image and then give form to the images. It all goes on within us and we then create accordingly. Using our imagination, we lay hold of ideas and clothe them with substance. All that we live in our outer world was created first in the mind through The Canvas of Imagination. When something is going well, we can create more of it in our imagination. When something is not going so well, we can create an entirely new imagine. Our imagination is readily available to us, in fact we use it all the time, consciously or unconsciously. What are you painting on your next canvas? Join us Sunday as we begin the process.  
Let us affirm together: I allow my mind to create to my highest desires. I ‘see’ the beautiful colors of my life appearing on The Canvas of my Imagination and feel my excitement growing as I begin to experience life to its fullest.            
“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”(Proverbs 14:18)

Today We Grow in God and Grow in Love Daily.
Our Just Rewards for living divinely are Royal Inner Peace, Profound Agape Love, and Abounding Joy. We shine our lights so others may realize their own light and together we illumine the world.    

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Ann Frances