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Breathe the breath of peace.
Breathe the breath of love.
Breathe the breath of joy,
Always with us.
We move past human situations and conditions and
Feel the infinite I.
I Am that I Am
We move the human I
Into the infinite and become one in Spirit.

"Advent - Love"

Happy Illumination!
Each night more and more lights decorate our world.
We use this outer expression to illumine
a greater experience of the Light of Christ within us.
Let us pause and feel it now.
The light of God is illumined in me right now and always.
Within this Light of God is perfect Love and abiding Peace.


Happy December!
Many beautiful lights decorate our lands,
Twinkling can be seen for miles.   
My feelings of illumination are ignited.
The real illumination is 
My Christ Light.


Let us bring a smile into our life.
First, feel the upturn of the lips.
A smile begins to form.
Our faces relax
Feelings of happiness ignite from within.
We give thanks as we feel the uplift.
Serotonin and dopamine release from within.
A God glorious event!

"Wise Up"

I came across this statement the other day
and it resonated deeply…
“I am soaked through with the glorious gold of God’s Love.” (Kabir)
Let us pause for a moment and
feel this energy of God Love coursing through our body,
Image ‘soaked through’ 
Image ‘glorious gold’
Image God Love.

"Inner Strength"

We breathe in peace,
We breathe out busyness.
In this moment we feel the peace that is with us always.
Allow it to seep into every cell, muscle, organ and tissue,
Feel it relax and renew your body.
Be one with the Peace.
Be One with God.
And give thanks.  

"The Canvas of Imagination"

We bless this day,
knowing that our good is flowing to us now.
We pause to feel the assuring presence of this vast goodness.
We allow ourselves to feel the divine splendor of it,
as we are drawn to its irresistible sweetness.
We allow this feeling to move throughout our minds, bodies, and souls.
We do nothing as there is nothing to do.

"Wise One, The Power of Wisdom”

Let us take a deep breath and declare,
“This breath is good.”
As I pause and think about my glorious breath,
I feel the wonder and glory of this earthly experience.
I know there is more to this creation than meets my naked eye.
So I soften my vision to see more glory.
For today, let’s remember the significance of our life.

"Get Understanding"

In this moment, let us declare
“I am open and receptive to the Infinite Love of God.”
“I am open and receptive to the Infinite Wisdom of God.”
“I am open and receptive to the Infinite Power of God.”
“I am open and receptive to the Infinite Strength of God.”
“I am open and receptive to the Infinite Understanding of God.”


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