"Easter's Afterglow"

Happy Easter week!
We raise our consciousness to hold the new sight
we obtained on Easter Sunday! 
We see with greater clarity the expanded growing enlightenment
of our Christ Essence. 
The afterglow of Easter is upon us and we won’t let go. 
We know what feels good, 
what feels right,
and we want more of it. 
We choose to allow our afterglow to grow 
in this brightness,
as we step out in faith to do 
all that ought to be done by us.  
We fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm 

"Rise Anew"

Happy April!
A new day, a new month, a new consciousness,
A new opportunity!
Today I create from my highest consciousness.
I create from my God-Mind
I create from Oneness with God and others.
I create from an expanded awareness of the goodness that permeates this world. 


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