"Rest and Renewal"

It is wonderful to be back, rested and renewed. Special thank you to all who kept this church flowing while I was gone. Jennifer, you rocked it. Breeze, Melony, Jay, Linda, Chris, and everyone THANK YOU!
Today let us take a deep cleansing breath.
Know that God, Pure Goodness is at work in our life,
Right here and NOW!
We feel the energy of God,
We hear the guidance and wisdom of God.

"Weave in Love"

Today let us breathe deep and feel
the Power and Presence of Divine Love.
It all starts here.
Our Power is in the ability to stay
centered in our Divine Self and see God out-picturing everywhere.
Let us bring this deep unending love into all areas of our lives.
We place it in all our conversations, all our encounters,

"A Father's Love"

Today we ground ourselves in our spiritual center.
We feel our peace and our love within.
It lives within us as a perfect expression of God.
In this moment, we bring this peace out into the world.
We reflect out into the world what we want to receive back.
We live in awareness of who and, more importantly, what we are.

"Our Hero's Journey"

I am the place where God lives,
moves and breathes and has Its Being.
I am the place where God shows up... (words from Eddie Watkins)
Today we show up.
This is our life; we decide what gets our attention.
Today we show up in Spirit.
Today we show up as the Divine Presence.
We decide what gets our emotions.

"More Than You Know"

In Honor of Teacher Appreciation Week,
we bless all the teachers, past and present,                                                                          
all the individuals who help someone grow into their own potential.


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