And the Greatest of These is Love

God Day To YOU,

Dear Divine Presence,
The Source and Substance that IS,
We align to this very Presence,
We acknowledge ITS existence within us,
as energy and love and as our very life.
We gratefully turn inward and feel this Divine Presence.
We know that Divine Presence is the growing light within us, illuminating within us and outwardly from us. And we give thanks!
This Advent Season we embrace the Love, Joy, Peace of You within us.
Our faith leads us to an understanding of our role in the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. And we have Peace in the Knowing.
We are Peaceful Loving Beings,
We willing accept this commission - To be the love expressed.
I Am the Light and the Love of the World and I gladly and Joyously send it out into this world.
And so it is! And so we let it Be!
Amen! And Amen!!!
Our Sunday message – “And the Greatest of These is Love”

Sunday, we begin our third week of Advent – the week of Love. Love – Apostle Paul says, “And hope, faith, and love abide and the greatest of these is LOVE. Apostle Paul had a transformative awakening. He went from crucifying people from the Jewish nation to becoming a devote follower of Jesus. He truly believed Jesus would return immediately and save them all. Over the years, we have come to realize that the true second coming is an internal transformation. This transformation involves getting in touch with and learning to exhibit and lead from the very love out of which we were created. Think for a moment – God IS and We ARE! We are the Divine Offspring of the God and God is Love. Not loving, the very Love Itself. And we are that Love. So anything unlike love is not our true nature expressing. We have somehow hidden it – maybe put a lampshade over it. We chose to see this world from loving eyes and the willingness to help our fellow man. From this moment on, we look to see what ways and where we can give back to the world in a loving manner.
Join us this Sunday as I love to see you as your beautiful love expressed.  

“Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.”(Colossians 3:14)  

Let us affirm together: I ignite the Divine Love that is within me and I willingly radiate it out into the world in all my words, deeds, and actions.  

Today and Always, We, the people are the church. We Grow in God and Grow in Love Daily.
Our Just Rewards for living God are Royal Inner Peace, Profound Agape Love, and Abounding Joy. Together we grow and glow in Christ. We are the best expression of Christ and we welcome its ever-growing Expression.  

Thank you for joining us each Sunday at 11 am for our service.
Come in person or virtually, our doors are always open to you.    

Join us each Wednesday at noon for a 15-minute Meditation.
Available in person or via live streaming on Facebook.      

Ann Frances