“The Power of Renunciation”

Today, let us pause and feel the Divine Presence
within us as us.
This energy, synergy, force, substance is the very life
behind each breath.
The moment we place our attention upon it
It grows in our awareness.
For today we allow God to be God in our life.
The movement within and behind all creation.
We give thanks for knowing that we are on with Divine Mind.
We have all the wisdom and guidance
we need to do all that ought to be done by us.
We give thanks as we witness the Glory of God
expressing in our lives.
And so it is!
And so we let it be!
Sunday message – “The Power of Renunciation”
Join us Sunday as we look at our memories, beliefs, situations, and experiences that no longer serve us. Last week we experienced “All is Well with My Soul.” As we went through the week, memories and beliefs may have come up for the opportunity to release them into the energy of Spirit to be transformed and transcended. The human mind is an interesting piece of equipment. It wants to hang on to the known, familiar habits and beliefs. Let’s make this a joyful celebration of Release. There is not a memory that can occupy our mind space unless we let it. Let’s create a clear fertile ground in our minds to grow the new more expanded version of our Christ Light by releasing. The Power of Renunciation is here with us now.  
Let us affirm together: I allow those items to surface that need to be let go completely. I release them and allow them to go. I live only from Divine Mind. God is I Am!!!           
“And he left everything behind, and got up and began to follow Him (Law).” (Luke 5:28)

Today We Grow in God and Grow in Love Daily.
Our Just Rewards for living divinely are Royal Inner Peace, Profound Agape Love, and Abounding Joy. We shine our lights so others may realize their own light and together we illumine the world.    

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Ann Frances